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My mission is to lead and inspire people to live in congruence with a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.

Robin Sharma on Winning In The New Year!

January 4th, 2014

Robin Sharma always delivers during his videos with powerful insights and specific strategies and tactics!

Here’s a brain dump of my notes from his 3 part video series which I recommend you watch! http://www.robinsharma.com/winning-in-the-new-year/

8 Steps to Winning In The New YearHow To Get Up EarlyHow To Defeat Worry


8 Steps to Winning In The New Year
– follow through with consistency
– all about execution on things you already know and get the goals done
– victims are interested in entertainment
– leaders are interested in education

1. Hug your monsters
– if you want to get your fear back, the do the things that you are afraid to do
– 3 things that you are most afraid of, do these things
– i.e. thing that would amp up your game

Everything that you fear, you have given your power to

2. Disrupt or be disrupted
– disrupt the way you’ve been thinking, or
– leaders disrupt, victims are disrupted
– comfort zone is least safe, secure place you can be
– thinking new thoughts, having new ideas, foreign territory, installing and trying new behaviours
– caterpillar going through metamorphosis
– change is messiest in the middle

3. Spend 60 minutes on personal development
– moving through fears, release insecurity
– spend time in silence visualizing
– take long walks where challenge closely held beliefs
– who am i
– what are my greatest values
– what 5 things must i achieve in my life
– what did i do last year that did not work
– we get from life not what we want, but who we are

4. Set goals daily
– 5 to 6 am
– write daily goals
– what 5 things must I do today for this to be a valuable day?
– build a relationship at work
– have a family meal
– before i go to sleep, rather than watching tv, i will write in my journal

5. Less technology, more humanity
– we become happier through relationships
– personal life is all about family

6. Get super fit
– focus on value versus cost
– disease is more costly than hiring a trainer
– return on investment
– take extended vacations
– game-changing insights not at office, but on vacation
– back in barbados
– hire a trainer

7. Build a circle of genius
– you have choice as to how much time you can spend wit hthem
– deep level sabotaging yourself? drop this
– get rid of people in your life that are bringing you down
– surround self with people that fly
– you will be at income, energy, success level of the 10 people that you spend most of your time with

8. No more excuses
– develop a mindset and heartset and get rid of your excuses.
– the more you recite your excuses the more you think they will be true


How to Get up early

5AM wake up
Pro-athlete protocol
Gift to give self

– stamina
– bulletproof mindset
– focused on top goals

1. Do not eat after 8pm the night before
2. When you are super-fit, you will automatically need less sleep
3. Alarm clock trick
– set alarm clock to 45 minutes ahead of actual time.
4. takes 40 days to install a new habit
– discomfort during installation process
– will feel uncomfortable
– will have installed new habit of getting up at 5am
– builds power and self-control and confidence
– confidence will translate into work confidence
5. eat less food
6. get a massage at least once every week
7. find work that you love
– look for the meaning in your work
– how can i do this job and what can i focus on using my work
– see your work as a craft

Morning protocol
– 20 to 30 mins – workout first thing
– drink lots of water
– while on treadmill, learn through audios
– 20 mins write
– 10 mins plan day


How To Defeat Worry
in sanskrit, symbol for worry and funeral pyre are similar
worry burns the living
funeral pyre burns the dead

Today’s world there are many reasons to worry

Eliminating worry leads to a bulletproof mind, bulletproof business, etc.
Starts with mindset:
-victims are frightened by change, leaders are inspired by change
– this is a great time to be in business, this is a great time to be alive
– oppportunities to live best life and do best work

If mind full of worry, miss opportunity because we’ll miss

1. Model Bruce Lee – dump worries onto a piece of paper
Worries lingering in mind take away from two assets: mental focus and physical energy
Write on paper and then rip up a piece of paper
Then your mind has a space to work

2. Worry beans/beads
Excuses prevent us from taking action
Every time you worry, drop a bean into a glass… this makes us aware of how worry is affecting us
With more awareness, we make better choices, better choices, giving us better results

3. Stop complaining – Complaining is worrying made verbal
– watch words
– CHANGE words
– words you use rewire beliefs
– as you start using language of possibility of I CAN versus I CAN’T you will start to see the world through a positive set of lenses

4. Gratitude
– record gratitude
– Shift from scarcity to abundance
– if you are focusing on what is working in your life
– every morning, write down 5 things that you are thankful for
– do it for 40 days to rewire brain

5. Start to see problems as good things
Being alive means you will have problems
– problems breed innovation
– they help us grow
– they are good things

6. List out problems and then take actions on every problems
– take action on every problem

7. Look for the lessons in every problem
What is the opportunity here?
For every one of the big problems that is consuming my energy, what is the lesson?
Inside of every single problem that is causing stress for you is an opportunity to build a better business, life, install change, etc.


Reference: Watch the videos at http://www.robinsharma.com/winning-in-the-new-year/


Happy 2014!

Abhishek Valaboju

My mission is to lead and inspire people to live in congruence with a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.